Every year, there are several homebrew competitions that are held across the state. These competitions held in Memphis, Clarksville, Nashville, and Chattanooga make up the circuit where the medal winners are tabulated and the Tennessee Homebrewer of the year is awarded.

This issue we talked with the 2015 Tennessee Homebrewer or in this case, the Homebrewers of the Year. Ryan Golden and Matt Warren of Chattanooga, also known as Dynamic Ale Artisans won the coveted title. These two brewers and members of the Barley Mob homebrewing club have accumulated a large collection of medals over the years, and have won several Pro-Am competitions also.

TCBM: How long have y’all been brewing and what got you started?

Ryan: I got started about 8 years ago with my cousin, Rob. We thought it sounded like a cool hobby & like most people just hoped the end result was drinkable. We brewed three batches that were all highly drinkable but for whatever reason didn’t stick with it, all of our equipment sat in my basement for a couple of years until Matt & I started talking about brewing together.

Matt: We brewed our first batch together on Jan 29, 2011. We were both already pretty heavily into craft beer (so we thought, haha) and just decided one day that we should dig his equipment out. If it were not for Ryan & Rob taking that initial plunge none of this may have ever happened.

TCBM: Y’all have won several Pro-Ams and recently your collaboration with Olde Hickory Brewery out of Hickory, NC was on tap at the GABF(Great American Beer Festival). Tell us a little about some of the Pro-Ams you’ve won.

Ryan: We have won twice at Chattanooga Brewing Company((APA and Irish Red Ale), Cool Springs Brewery(Flanders Red) and at the above mentioned Olde Hickory Brewery(Imperial Berliner with Brett)

Matt: We’ve really enjoyed every pro we’ve had the chance to brew with, everyone has been really cool to us. We were even lucky enough to get invited to Monkey Town Brewing to collab on a Blueberry Berliner. The Flanders Red with Cool Springs is still barrel aging, really looking forward to that one.

TCBM: You guys brew a prolific amount of beer. How often do you brew and how much time does it take out of your lives. Matt: We’ve only had 58 batches/brew days in an almost 6 year span but ever since we got a bigger system 2 years ago our batches have been between 10-15 gal & we’ll often split a batch up into a few variants. We brew pretty sporadically. I’m lucky enough to have an understanding wife(Danielle) & kids(Dylan & Jackson) that tolerate my brewing.

Ryan: We’ve averaged roughly 10 batches per year since we started & I’m not married so managing that aspect is easy for me but I do tip my hat to Matt for being able to juggle kids, work, marriage, etc.

TCBM: What is your philosophy on brewing and are there any pro ambitions:

Ryan: I think both of us enjoy drinking beers that fall on the more extreme end of the spectrum regardless of style which in turn affects how our recipes are constructed. Going pro is definitely something we want to explore. We still have much work to do in terms of planning but the feedback we have received from the many competitions, Pro-Ams, & beer fests we have attended over the years has been very positive.

Matt: Attention to detail/sweating the small stuff & never being completely satisfied with a beer or process. Constant improvement or in one word “dynamic” which is why we chose the name Dynamic Ale Artisans. I’m in love with both the art & science side of brewing. We have been pretty set on the idea of going pro for a few years now. It’s just a matter of time & money at this point.

For this month’s recipe Ryan and Matt have submitted their multiple award winning Barrel-aged Trappist single.

You can follow the exploits of these two on their Facebook page: Dynamic Ale Artisans


OG – 1.050, FG – 1.001, 6.4% ABV
94% Pilsner
3% Vienna
3% Wheat Malt
Mash@ 154° for 60 min

14.2 IBUs of Sterling (90 min)
7.3 IBUs of Sterling (20 min)
3.7 IBUs of Sterling (flameout)

Primary w/ WLP530 (Abbey Ale Yeast) @ 67° then age ~16 months in a Flanders Red barrel Optional (age in any barrel or add soaked oak cubes to carboy)

Optionally pitch some nice dregs into barrel (we used Crooked Stave, Russian River, Birra Del Borgo, Cantillon, Jolly Pumpkin, & Evil Twin)

***This base beer is excellent on it’s own but the barrel microbes will transform it into a completely different beer that is well worth the wait.
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Contributed by Art Whitaker


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