by mark@foosballzone

The holiday season is almost here which means you have to start thinking about presents for your loved ones. Luckily for you, we have a solution. To be more exact, we have 5 beer solutions–5 ideas which will make every beer lover’s eyes shine, so if you are looking for a present for beer guys, you are at the right spot. Look for the best beer ideas for your beer friends:

Beer Making Kit

This is the perfect present for all those beer lovers and enthusiasts who know what the perfect beer should taste like, but they don’t know how to make it. If you know one of them, I suggest you get them this kit because they have to start with something. You don’t have to be a professional to make beer with this kit and the more beers you make, the better you will be. Practice makes perfect!

Corkcicle Chillsner

The Chillsner is actually a beer gadget for hot summer days because it keeps the beer nice and cool for hours but I am sure any beer guy wouldn’t mind having this in his beer bottle. The main trick about this cooler is the fact that you put it in the bottle and it cools the entire bottle from top to bottom. It is designed to fit in almost every bottle and you are actually drinking ice cold beer from it. Pretty cool right?

Mini Keg Refrigerator And Dispenser

There is no better thing than an ice cold beer, no matter if it is in the bottle or the keg. The only problem with the keg is the fact that you have to store it in the fridge if you want cool beer and when it is in the fridge, nothing else can fit. That is why I am offering you a solution to two problems – cooling the keg and tapping the keg. This little devil is the refrigerator and dispenser all in one which means the big fridge is free for other things.

Foosball table

The only game table that suits beer guys is foosball. Every man cave or game room should have a foosball table because it is smaller than pool table and more interesting to play. After one intense match of foosball you will need to grab a cold beer to chill. There are numerous foosball tables on the market made for beer guys because they have cup holders on each corner of the table. That means that even 4 foosball players can put their beers in a safe place without worrying of spilling.

What about…. Beer!

Pack of beer is something that will definitely make every beer guy’s eyes shine, especially if you fill the package with different beers. Find some special beers and pack them in a shape of a Christmas tree so that the Christmas spirit is here. Bonus tip: if you live with a beer lover you can make a Beer Advent Calendar for the two of you. There is a reason why there are 24 beers in the case, so why not use it in this Holiday season. ☺


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