The National Park Service (NPS) turned 100 on August 25, 2016, and the celebration has been going on all year. As we head into the second century of NPS, we’re encouraged to “Find Your Park”. Our beloved Great Smoky Mountains National Park suffered immense loss during the wildfires last week. Among the devastation is a celebration of a different kind. A celebration of the human spirit proves evident as folks rally to bring the mountain community back to its feet. Ways to aid in disaster relief can be found by visiting

Meanwhile, we’re happy to announce Gatlinburg is open for business! The city’s Mayor Michael Werner suggests, “If you really want to do something for Gatlinburg, come back and visit us.” Oh, how those mountains are calling our name.

Rose Schweikhart

Rose Schweikhart

Earlier this year, travel correspondent, Melissa Corbin, took a little jaunt over to Arkansas where she discovered something quite unique in Hot Springs National Park.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the only brewery within the NPS, and the only brewery in the world using thermal spring water. Due to low mineral content in these “healing waters,” owner and brewmaster, Rose Schweikhart says that she’s able to more easily make true European-style beers. A proud leader in “The Natural State’s” craft beer scene, the budding entrepreneur entered into a long-term contract with the Federal Government, and restored a national treasure on Hot Spring’s Bathhouse Row.

Listen in as Corbin joins a few friends and talks feds, hogs and beers with Schweikhart.

Written by Melissa Corbin