Very few things are more ‘American’ than our local farmer, nor more important to the local movement than their survival and success. So let’s celebrate them through craft beer!

On November 18th, at the Tennessee Brew Works Taproom, they’re releasing their butternut squash farmhouse ale/saison, “Hank’s Harvest”; using fresh butternut squash from Delvin Farms (College Grove, TN), brought to them by Hank Delvin himself. Open 5-10PM; tapping at 6PM. This beer will also be available (in draft) in very limited fashion throughout Nashville and Chattanooga.

Also enjoy some of Tennessee Brew Works  other Tennessee farm celebration beers , such as the “Basil Ryeman” (Thai Basil from Bloomsbury Farm) and “Country Roots” (Sweet Potatoes from Delvin Farms). They also have some other limited release beers such as the “Farmer’s Beat” (Beets from Delvin Farms), “Natchez” (Rosemary from Bloomsbury Farm) and “Wildwood Flower” (Wildflower and Sourwood honeys from Strange Honey Farm via Queen Bee Pollinators).

We’d be remiss to not also mention our symbiotic relationship with West Wind Farms who picks up our spent grains after brew days and uses them to feed their animals. Our waste is their feast. And, finally, expect some great things to come with the folks at Batey Farms in Murfreesboro, TN.

Here is some information on the Tennessee farms They’re currently working with:
Delvin Farms, College Grove, TN |
Bloomsbury Farm, Smyrna, TN |
Queen Bee Pollinators, Nashville, TN |
Strange Honey Farm, Del Rio, TN (via Queen Beer Pollinators)
Batey Farms, Murfreesboro, TN |
West Wind Farms, Deer Lodge, TN |