Uniboure celebrates their 25th anniversary with a  limited release beer in the United States, Ale Gâteau Forêt-Noire “Black Forest Cake Ale”, in early October.

Ale Gâteau Forêt-Noire is their new Beligian-style dark specialty ale that “brings the cake” to the anniversary party. Bringing out the true essence of a classic Black Forest cake, it has roasted malt aroma, tart cherries, cocoa beans, and dark chocolate flavors. It’s at a 10.5% ABV with a fine, champage-like effervescence with a medium body. It’s a smooth balance of cocoa, delicate fruity accents, and a tart finish. It pairs well with Mexican dishes, meat loaf, log-type goat cheese, and blue or comté cheese.

“Last fall we brewed two specialty ales to celebrate our 25th, but they were limited quantities and we couldn’t be everywhere at the same time, so our Strong Golden went to the U.S. and our Strong Dark went to Canada,” says Jean-Yves Lacombe, Trade Marketing Manager for Unibroue. “This fall we’re switching them around so that everyone gets a chance to appreciate both of these great specialty ales.”

Bring on any celebration with the Ale Gâteau Forêt-Noire for anyone with a sweet tooth. At a 20 IBUs, it will cellar well for the future. The recommend aging is five years.

Once available in the U.S., it will be on draft, four packs of 12-oz bottles, in cork and cage 750-ml painted bottles, and part of a seasonal variety six-pack while supplies last!

Look for it on Unibroue’s online website to see where to purchase it near you. Find Unibroue’s Beer