Most beer aficionados recognize Munich as the mecca of the beer world due to Oktoberfest and the abundance of lager styles beers (such as helles, märzen, dunkel, etc.). I have been fortunate to travel to Germany for vacation several times. However, a few months ago, I had to conduct business near Dusseldorf and Bamberg (both rich in history with their own beer styles – altbier and rauchbier, respectively). I took advantage of being in the area and took a train to spend my last day in Munich before flying home.

Some readers may be unaware that only six breweries are represented at Oktoberfest each year. This is because the breweries offering their beers to the thousands of partygoers must be located in Munich. Each brewery has their own brau haus within in the city. While on the train to Munich, my colleague and I decided to set out on a mission. This quest was to drink a liter of beer at each of the six brau hauses.

We started out at the famous Hofbrau for lunch, and then proceeded on to Spaten. We then took the U-Bahn (subway) to Lowenbrau and then onto the Hackerhaus. Next, we went on to Augustiner to enjoy their enormous biergarten, which seats over 5,000. We ended up having dinner in the Augustiner bier keller, which is about 30 feet below the biergarten! Finally, we enjoyed our last liter at Paulaner with some apple strudel for dessert.

If you are in Munich and have the time, I highly recommend visiting all six these historic breweries.Make a day of it as I did!

Written and Photographed by Scott Mertie