For starters, a high gravity beer is based upon the specific state guidelines which set forth what they will permit to be brewed within the state. For Tennessee, it was previously set below 6.3%. Many of us are now rejoicing since as of January 1st, the alcohol by volume (ABV) jumps to a whopping 10.1%.

What does this mean overall? For breweries, it means they no longer need to apply for a separate liquor license if they want to brew a beer with a little more punch. Think Yazoo Brewing and their beloved Sue which comes in at 9.2%, now that the ABV is raised, we may start to see other breweries getting a little more creative in their upcoming batches. The law change also effects places like bottle shops where they have to keep liquor, wine and higher ABV beers separate from where people are sitting down and enjoying a pint. Although the wine and liquor must still remain separate, customers can sit down and enjoy a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale if that is what they are in the mood for. People traveling through Tennessee are mostly unaware that liquor stores are closed on Sundays but at least now, they will be able to get those higher gravity beers that they are always looking for.

Although, we as a state still have a long way to go, this is definitely a huge step in the right direction in regards to craft beer life.

Contributed By Shane Gibbs