Patio at Public House

There are a lot of places in Knoxville to get drinks. There are also a lot of places in Knoxville to get food. Getting the best of both in the same building used to be hard to come by. The food and drink scene here is moving forward at a rapid pace, however, there is one spot that’s been providing both good food and good drink for 6 years.

Many people know the Public House as a spot for great cocktails and wine, but did you know that they have a growing list of craft beer? Currently, they boast 6 beers on tap and an extensive list of beers by the can or bottle. They also seem to have a Knoxville beer available by draft on the regular. If they can procure a keg of the Berlinerweisse from Last Days of Autumn Brewery, manager Erica Casey says their answer is always “Yes.”

Nice cold draft for some day drinking.

Erica also describes a pendulum swing from alcohol forward cocktails such as a Negroni or Martini to non-alcoholic creations and lower gravity beers. “I think you can thank Suttrees (High Gravity Tavern) and the local breweries for getting people interested in more flavorful beers not just high gravity ones,” she says. This is also where the beer cocktails on their menu stem from, the desire to enjoy a lower gravity higher flavor cocktail. Something you could drink all day.

Daytime drinking seems to be more popular than ever and the Public House seems to be on the right track with their beverage and food options.

The food here is what one might call sophisticated bar snacks. There is no kitchen here, they just do their best with a microwave and toaster oven behind the bar and their best is pretty darn good. There is a list of charcuterie items from Century Harvest Farm in Greenback, TN, Spotted Trotter in Atlanta and the ever popular Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams in Madisonville, TN. These items along with house flavored popcorn, cheeses and dips make for wonderful snacks but the all beef hot dogs are really what you need to be eating here. Don’t worry, they have veggie dogs too! With toppings from house made kimchee and sauerkraut to pulled pork from Sweet P’s BBQ, slaw and curry roasted peanuts your taste buds will be singing for the next one.

Snack on an all beef hot dog while at the bar.

There are many different ways to experience the Public House here in Knoxville. If you haven’t visited with them before, get there soon. If you are already a fan, they just launched their summer menu which means it’s time for you to get back over there!

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