By David Nelson, Guest Author

If you are like me then you methodically checked your list,picked out presents, and wrapped them early. Then you realized you completely forgot that key person in your life you just have to give a gift! Then you remember they have a passion and love for a certain frosty beverage. Never fear… craft beer is here to save the day! Below is a list of ten awesome gifts for that extra special craft beer lover in your life. Without further ado (because I know you are in a hurry!) and in no particular order here are my picks for craft beer lovers and how to get them in time for the big day!

1.  The Iconic Craft Beer Kit:

Now this may seem obvious or maybe you feel your craft beerlover rather drink than spend the time home brewing! But did you know there are different levels of craft beer kits? You can encourage them to keep it simple and start with a Mr. Beer brewing kit or you can go all out and buy them their first extract home brewing kit. Think of the former as the baby step into the process and the later as the first step into true home brewing. Best of all you can find these kits at your local Home Brewing Supply store or online. But starting a relationship with your local home brew supply is a gift in itself!

A Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit

Where to Buy: On Amazon or at Mr. Beer Directly!

Or A True Home Brewing Kit

Where to Buy:  Your local home brewing supply shop – Find Yours Now!

Honorable Mention: Consider getting a gift certificate from your local home brew supply or an online retailer! It’s not a great as opening a big ‘ole box but it still begins a journey towards great home brewing!

2. Personalizing the Craft Beer Enjoying Experience:

The one thing that is better than enjoying a full-bodied winter ale is enjoying it from your very own personalized glass. And it’s even better to share your favorite beer (better yet home brew!) with friends in your own personalized glass set! And I know what you are thinking… If you remembered to buy your craft beer lover a gift you could have had something personalized on Esty already. But in today’s world it’s never too late for us procrastinators and forgetful minds! First, visit a Dollar Tree or TJ Max to find a unique glass or object that holds beer. Then visit your local trophy shop or mall kiosk for same day etching and personalization.

Create Personalized Beer Gifts!

Where to Buy:

Dollar Tree, Antique Shops, or TJ Max for creative beer objects!
Customize at a local trophy shop or mall kiosk!

And don’t forget They have a whole range of options and ideas but time is running out! If you hurry you can get free shipping with the code SHIP49.

3. The Ultimate Growler – A Drink Tank!

Drink Tanks are the growler that everyone always wanted. It’s double-wall thermal insulated and best of all they have a CO2 option to keep your beer fresh for a VERY long time. They come in 32oz, 64oz, and for the craft beer lover that loves to share, a 128oz option. They come in a variety of colors and you can even have these customized at the factory (or your favorite trophy shop / mall vendor). Bonus: this can be used as the ultimate thermos for coffee and other warm beverages… I just don’t know why you wouldn’t always have beer in it!

Drink Tanks Ultimate CO2 Growler

Where to Buy: Your local REI carries these near the water bottles and of course you can find them on and
Double check your shipping options!

4. The Beer Journal –A Great Stocking Stuffer

Now if you don’t love craft beer like I do then I can understand that you might not understand why this is a great gift. Enjoying craft beer is a journey and a recent survey of craft beer lovers showed that many of us don’t actually know what we truly love (the horror!). Keeping a simple journal can be a great way to remember the fond memories of the experiences we have with the beer, our favorite taprooms, and especially the people we shared it with.

Moleskine Passions – Craft Beer journal

Where to Buy: Home Brew Stores, Book Stores. And of course,  at there are many options at

5. Send them to Boot Camp for Beer Geeks!

Everyone knows it’s easy to drink craft beer. But it’s truly hard to know what you are drinking. Drinking a Sitting Boogie, Duke & Hare, or Chunky Guitar shouldn’t be difficult… but it is! Give your craft beer lover the gift of knowledge and, while you are at it, give them the link to the Craft Beer Name Generator I just used to make up those names (bet you didn’t know!).

The Complete Beer Course

A Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes

Where to Buy: Your local bookstore, home brew shop and of course

6.  Craft Beer Books for Fun and Knowledge

Reading about craft beer doesn’t have to be boring! It can even be kid friendly with Brewdolph the Hop-Nosed Reindeer. An inspirational with The Atlas of Beer, and the Beer Bible.  

Brewdolph the Hop-Nosed Reindeer: Can Christmas be saved with magical Christmas Beer?

Where to Buy: 

(Choose first class shipping before the 20th, priority mail/express after the 20th to get it in time!) 
(Shameless Plug Alert: I am the author of Brewdolph the Hop-Nosed Reindeer so my opinion may be is biased. But I still think you and your kids will love it!)

Atlas of Beer:This atlas is the ultimate beer lover’s guide to the world, filled with stunning photography, great storytelling, and intriguing beer destinations.

Where to Buy: Tommy Bahama (and all sorts of other gifts as well!)

The Beer Bible: The essential beer lover’s guide, including more than 100 types to know.

Where to Buy: Book Stores, Home Brew Shops,!

7. The Craft Beer Taproom Club / Mug Club

If you know the craft beer lover’s favorite places to visit you can always check to see if they have a taproom club that you can give as a gift. This can be a mug club which allows them to drink from a special glass ora full club experience. This is typically a monthly charge that gives them special access to specialty beers, larger pours, members only events and more!

One club in Johnson City, Tennessee at Barley Waters offers a growler fill each month, discounted pints on member nights, and access to specialty beers (and the brewers) of the top local breweries in the region. And best of all you can usually give a gift of their first month to get them started!

Note: Barley Waters is used as one example. Causal Pint, Hops and Hollers, and many other locations have similar or other unique offerings. The best way to find out is to go have a pint! (I guess if you haveto… right?)

Taproom Club / Mug Club Memberships: Give the gift of special access and privileges to their favorite taprooms!

Where to Buy: This is almost always only available at the taprooms! Go have a pint and find out what they have to offer.
You might just have to visit a few!

8. The Ultimate Craft Beer Bottle Cap Maps

Yes, you can drop your bottle caps in a picture frame or use them to line your bar. Or you can travel the USA, all 50 states, and the world and collect bottle caps to display in a beautiful way with bottle cap maps!These are sure to wow and excite any craft beer lover. And don’t forget to stop and pick up a pick-6 of local craft beers to get them started building their map!

Craft Beer Bottle Cap Maps

Where to Buy: Home Brew Shops and

   State Maps:

   USA Map:

9. The BrewFund and Gift Cards

Gift cards are near the end of this list because I prefer personal gifts that make the recipient light up when they open their package.With gift cards, I highly recommend combining it with another item on this list. These are over used and should add to the experience instead of being the entire gift.

And then there is the BrewFund. Depending on your location thismay or may not be an option for you. The BrewFund is a more personal and innovative way to give the gift of beer.

Try Out the BrewFund or Buy a Gift Card at a Taproom!

Imagine the look on their faces when they get the “You’ve Got Beer” message on their phone on Christmas morning! And they just might need someone to go enjoy their beer with… I wonder who they might call? Soon, more locations will be added so keep an eye out on this one! (P.S. I’m a co-founder at BrewFund, Inc. So again… Shameless Plug)

BrewFund or Craft Beer Gift Cards

Where to Buy: Visit or download it free on the app stores! Go have a beer and find out if they offer gift cards! 
Bonus: Look for specials where you get a bonus gift card for buying one during the holidays!

10. The Bottle Opener– But Fun!

If you love craft beer, everyone gives you bottle openers. You get them at the breweries, taprooms, and beer festivals. Yet, for some reason, you can never find one when you need it! And when you do find one it’s just the same old use it and lose it experience. Both of these problems are now solved with the Key Chain Beer Bottle Opener Launcher (that’s a mouthful).

            Beer Bottle Opener Cap Shooter

Where to Buy: Home Brew Shops and
(But check your shipping. This has been a popular item this year!)

In Conclusion:

When it comes to last minute gifts you can never go wrong with craft beer! Craft beer is a social experience with new flavors to try, places to visit, and people to connect with. It truly is one of the few things that brings families and friends together during and after the holidays even despite political beliefs, team rivalries, and lost connections with friends.The best gift to yourself and to all is to #GiveTheGiftOfBeer and reconnect with someone you lost touch with. Until next year, good luck, and good beer!

What are you getting the beer lover in your life this year? We’d love to know and send us your local product and gift ideas!