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Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine was chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Beer Magazines on the Web by The beer magazines on the web were chosen based on web search and social metrics. It was ranked on the following specifications: google reputation and search ranking, influence and popularity...Read More »

Rich Partain

Rich Partain is a former sales manager for Straight To Ale and Yellowhammer Breweries and is currently the General Manager of Das Stahl Bierhaus in Huntsville, Alabama. An active member of Free The Hops since 2004 and a Certified Cicerone®, he has been a scholar of and advocate for craft...Read More »

Shane Gibbs

Shane Gibbs is a long time craft beer enthusiast and an avid beardsman which has him traveling and tasting beer from all over the US.

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Chris Chamberlain

Chris Chamberlain is a food, drink and travel writer based out of Nashville, where he has lived his entire life except four years in California where he studied liberal arts at Stanford University and learned how to manipulate chopsticks. He is a regular contributor to the Nashville Scene, Nashville Lifestyles,...Read More »

Nancy Vienneau

Nancy is a food writer and cookbook author living in Nashville Tennessee who appreciates how a golden lager can transport her to a beach on the Sea of Cortes, a citrusy saison can turn a supper into a celebration and a milk stout can make the most seductive chocolate cake.

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Lindsey Robinette

My love of craft beer started in 2011 when my brother, Nathan Robinette, and father, Jonathan Robinette, opened The Casual Pint. My passion for craft beer has opened so many doors and opportunities. The love and diversity of the craft beer scene has given me a chance to...Read More »

Tony Giannasi

Based out of Chattanooga and fighting the preconception that craft beer people need to have a beard, Tony is on a never ending quest to bring joy to the people in the form of flavorful beer. He led the Barley Mob Brewers for 6 years, before working in the professional beer...Read More »

Rob Shomaker

Rob Shomaker has been a longtime advocate of the East Tennessee craft beer scene since he and his buddy, Don Kline, founded in 2010. What began as simply a way to keep up with what they had been drinking quickly evolved to reflect the culture, people, and...Read More »

Mark Crowe

Being an architect, I love the craft of things, the dedication of the artist to make their craft, whatever it is, the best! Being a lover of great craft beer and great music of all kids, why not combine the two for a segment exploring the intersection of...Read More »

Whiteny Allen

Whiteny Allen  is a 23 year old Nashville native living in Johnson City,  TN with a degree
in Advertising and Public Relations. She enjoy anything to do with the
outdoors, being creative, meeting new people and experiencing new things. She is passionate about craft beer, live music, culture, art, gardening andRead More »

Kelcy Morris

There are two things Nashville native Kelcy Morris loves most: music and entrepreneurship. Kelcy spent most of her childhood finding her voice; bringing life to words through the microphone. So it was no surprise when her passion for music never dwindled, but rather blossomed into a lifelong admiration for the...Read More »

Victoria Raschke

Victoria Raschke’s day job takes her all over Tennessee visiting farmers markets. She has an M.A. in English from the University of Tennessee and a culinary arts degree from Nashville State Community College. Her debut novel Who by Water, the first in a mystery series set in Slovenia, will be released...Read More »