This episode of Last Call brings us to Columbia, Tenn. and Asgard Brewing Company. Asgard is one of the latest kvamas, err, arrivals, on the Tennessee craft beer scene. They intend to “craft beers worthy of Gods and Heroes!”

Nestled on a bluff overlooking the scenic Duck River in the heart of downtown Columbia, Asgard opened on October 1, just in time for famous Columbia Muletown MusicFest. This theme based brewery is based heavily on Norse Mythos.

Asgard, in Norse mythology, is one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Aesir tribe of Nordic Gods. It is ruled over by Odin and his wife, the Goddess Frigg. But why the Norse theme?

Well, the base story, is that, like the Vikings, Tennessee has a rich agricultural history and an abundance of outdoor activities. But John Porter, President and son of co-founder/CEO Dr. Stephen Porter, simply says “Vikings are awesome!”

It’s more than that of course. John is a history buff and enjoys watching the History Channel and studying fraeoi, uh history, when possible. He finds himself continuously drawn to Viking and Norse history, and sees the hype established by the Marvel Thor character and the History Channel Vikings show.

The Porter’s also saw the Viking theme in beer as an untapped market with great potential. Regulations make it very difficult for Scandinavian beer to be exported, yet the styles are very unique and groundbreaking.

The Vikings are known for having made great beer, including mjodr, er mead, introducing local arctic ingredients such as juniper and heather. Asgard will take a similar approach, in that they are highly committed to using locally sourced ingredients, including famous Tennessee honey.

The advent of the brewery goes back many years, actually. When Stephen was in school at the University of Michigan, he and his buddies made strong (8% and up) beer in a 55 gallon trash can and bottled it in recycled bottles recovered from the back of local bars. They even looked into an opportunity with another brewery a few ago but ultimately did not make the move.

The quaint and very cool rustic little taproom is open six days a week in downtown Columbia. This is a destination brewery. Slide in on a Saturday or Sunday and make a day of it. Tour the town, hit River Walk Park just across the Duck River, and enjoy a few pints at one of Tennessee’s newest breweries. Skol!

Contributed by Don Else

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