The Perfect Gift for the Craft Beer Lover in your Life

Press Release: David Nelson

JOHNSON CITY, TN: The season of finding the perfect gift, possibly even last-minute, just became a little bit easier for the craft beer lover in your life. Local entrepreneur, and now author, David Nelson, of BrewFund, Inc. released “Brewdolph the Hop-Nosed Reindeer” to the public. This fun craft beer parody book is a story about people coming together, celebrating their differences, and of course saving Christmas through magical craft beer!

Photo Credit: Brewfund

Story: Santa’s Workshop is way behind schedule and everyone is pulling together to try and make the big day still happen on time. That is everyone… except Brewdolph. He is always focused on craft beer, home brewing, and all he talks about is hops. This annoys the other reindeer and elves. But Brewdolph continues to brew his magical Christmas beer until it’s ready. Santa’s helpers reluctantly try Brewdolph’s beer and they find that it magically brings people together and very well might bring joy to the world. Is it too late to save Christmas? Can Brewdolph help the world have a magical Christmas day? There’s only one way to find out.

Origins: David Nelson was visiting family over the holiday’s last year and the idea for Brewdolph hit while he was enjoying his father’s home brew. He was disappointed that a craft beer Christmas story did not exist and he set out to write a fun and inspiring story that every family can relate to. And having a father that LOVES brewing his own craft beer helped inspire the personality of Brewdolph. David knows many people out there will be able to relate personally or it will make them think of their own family members.

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