The Brewers Association (BA) announced August 29th, 2018, their new slogan, “That’s Independence You’re Tasting,” to promote independent craft beer brewers.

Now, if you don’t know who the Brewers Association is, they are not-for-profit trade association focused on all small and independent craft brewers. The new slogan brings a positive message to focus on both choice and independence, both part of the craft beer culture. In the United States  as of June 30, there was 6,655 independent craft brewers made up of hard working men and women who have advanced in the world of beer. At this time, up from 5,562 from last year, a 5% increase. There is a total between 2,500 to 3,000

Photo Credit: Innovation Brew Works

breweries in the planning, based on Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau licenses. With this expand of breweries, The BA wants to show how independent craft brewers are part of what makes the American industry. They also want to support these breweries, their beers, and their values.

The new campaign launched initially in June 2017 with the introduction to the seal for brewers. The seal

shows a beer bottle flipped upside down, and represents the brewery is a certified independent craft brewer. They hope to encourage beer drinkers across the nation to support these independent brewers in their community and make more beer purchases with them.

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