To say Will Goodwin and Clark Ortkiese, co-owners of Crosstown Brewing Company, are excited about the grand opening of their brewery would be a gross understatement. What started as a friendly competition brewing beers at home has blossomed into the latest and greatest addition to Crosstown Concourse. Four years in the making, their beer dreams are now a reality.

“Our families took a vacation together Labor Day weekend of 2014. That was when we really decided, as a group, to do this thing,” said Clark Ortkiese. “It feels great to get the doors open but what we’re starting to realize is that this isn’t the finish line. We still have a lot of work ahead of us.” The brewery, located in the far northwest side of the Concourse campus, is 10,000 square feet of functional, real estate that will welcome not only residents and tenants of the historic Crosstown Concourse redevelopment, it will also be a family-friendly beacon for people all over the city.

“Atmosphere is everything. Our proximity to Crosstown Concourse is amplified by the modern industrial aesthetic that we were looking for. Concourse’s focus on the arts, healthcare, and education draws a group of people who are unique and interesting. There is a passion to make a difference around here. You can feel it,” said Clark. As far as burgeoning partnerships are concerned, Crosstown brewery already has plans for several beer collaborations with French Truck and Area 51 Ice Cream. Clark and Will also hope to offer beer pairing events with Curb Market and So Nuts. The opportunities are endless.

Besides serving up beer, Crosstown Brewery also hopes to be intimately involved in improving the overall experience at Crosstown.  “The fact that we’re here binds us together and brings a sense of community that    is truly thrilling. I think the kinds of people you’ll meet when you come to our taproom will also set us apart,” said Clark.

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Jeff Hulett is a food and drink writer in Memphis, Tennessee