By Art Whitaker

Many homebrewers like to serve their beer at festivals, and while many festivals allowed homebrew to be served at their festivals before July 2015, it was a grey area whether this was actually legal.

In 2014, I started working with Senator Bill Ketron and his office to see if we could change the homebrew laws in Tennessee. In July 2015, the new law went into effect making the serving of homebrew at festivals and events legal.

Beer festivals raising money for charitable causes often take advantage of having local homebrewers at their festival or fundraiser. Two recent examples of this are Border Battle II and Wine on the West Side. Border Battle II was an event were where East Tennessee home- brew clubs, the Tennessee Valley Homebrewers, and the Blount County Homebrewers had their homebrewers brew batches of beer. Tickets for the event were sold at The Casual Pint Hardin Valley, and patrons picked their favorite beer for the contest. This year, LuAnn Rounds — featured in another article in the magazine — of the Blount County Homebrewers took the title with her Mexican Coffee Stout. The event raised over $800 for this year’s charity, Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee.

Another event that took place in August in Cookeville was Wine on the Westside. This festival also invites homebrewers to serve. Homebrewers from across the area served their homebrew. The People’s Choice winners were Cedar Glade Brews of the Mid-State Brew Crew homebrew club from Murfreesboro. Second place was awarded to the Mid-State Brewsters, an all female homebrew club based in Murfreesboro and featured in an earlier issue in this column. Third place went to Mos Alesly of the Mid-State Brew Crew homebrew club in Murfreesboro. The event raised money for The Genesis House, West Side Business Association, and the Tennessee Central Heritage Rail Trail.

This month we have two recipes. We have LuAnn’s Mexican Coffee Stout and Cedar Glade Brews Blood Orange IPA. Cedar Glade Brews features the homebrew of Jerremy Weaver, Dave Hofer, and Skip Webb.



September 29, Murfeesboro


September 15, Sevierville


October 11, Murfreesboro

• NatureAleBeerFest

(hosted by The Earth Experience at The Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History)
October 21, Murfreesboro


November 3, Nashville

Blood Orange IPA


by Cedar Glade Brews

• OG: 1.070 • FG: 1.010 • ABV: 7.9% • IBU: 66

11 pounds 2 row Pale
1 pound Carapils
1 pound Crystal 20
1 pound Table Sugar at 10 minutes

1 ounce Centennial at 60 minutes 1 ounce Amarillo at 15
1 ounce Citra at 15
2.5 ounce Orange Peel-Sweet at 10 2 ounce Amarillo at zero

2 ounce Citra at zero
Yeast WLP-001 California Ale

Boil for 60 minutes. Mash at 150 F for 60 minutes. Chill to 68 F, and pitch yeast. Ferment at 68 F.

Imperial Mexican Coffee Stout


by LuAnn Rounds

• OG: 1.089 • FG: 1.021 • ABV: 9% • IBU: 75

12 pounds 2 row Pale malt 2.5 pounds Malted Rye
1 pound Munich Malt
8 ounces Carafa 1

8 ounces Black Malt
1 pound Pale Chocolate
9 ounces Belgian Candi Syrup (90L)

*Note: 75 minute total boil time

1 ounce Columbus at 60 minutes 2 ounces Northern Brewer at 15
1 ounce Williamette 15
Yeast Imperial-House (A01)

Mash at 152 F for 60 minutes. Vorlauf for 20 minutes. Fly sparge 170 F to reach 7.5 gallons pre-boil volume. Boil for 75 minutes. Chill wort to 68 F. Pitch yeast. Primary for weeks at 68 to 70 F.

At kegging, dissolve 10 ounces of lactose in 2 cups of boiled water. While cooling, steep 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 vanilla bean, and 2 tablespoons of Ancho chili powder. Strain through sanitized cheesecloth, and add to 2 pints of strong cold brew coffee, 1000 Faces Fazenda. Add all liquid to the keg. Condition for 5 weeks prior to serving.