The colorful array of craft soda bottle cap tops.

Like kids in a candy store, adults are crazy about craft soda. With the bright colors and multitude of delicious flavors, who hasn’t been tempted to grab one of each style, and fill their cart to the brim with these delightful, drinkable treasures? Craft soda is trending in popularity, and many breweries are jumping on board. Small, hand crafted batches made with intention and expertise make drinking a soda an enjoyable experience, not just a habitual response to thirst. With a full range of flavors from classics to creative novelty styles, there’s something for everyone when you dive deep into the craft soda industry.

Kickapoo’s Malibu, a bright blue pina colada inspired beverage.

Straying away from the traditional flavors, Kickapoo launched a bright blue soda called Malibu, a pina colada inspired beverage, in 2014. One sip of this mesmerizing liquid sparks images of rolling beach waves and thatched roof beach bars. Smooth coconut and pineapple flavors blend to create a sweet beverage with a pleasant tropical fragrance. On the same spectrum of the sweetness scale is the cream soda made by Sioux City. This brand is one of the first upscale, niche soda companies. They aim to imitate the taste of the wild west with their variety of saloon style beverages. Sioux City sodas can be spotted by the iconic old western cowboy art on each of their bottles.

Since the late 1800’s people have been drinking soda pop. When the cola industry first started, each city had its own brewery or bottling company because it was too expensive to transport goods from far away. Soda was local and made in much smaller quantities than the mega beverage companies of today. The art of craft soda takes people back to a simpler time, and often brings up feelings of nostalgia. Marketing to that mindset, many craft sodas have chosen packaging with a retro feel by using vintage style fonts and graphics. One of the nicest selections of craft soda can be found in Mt. Juliet, a town just outside of Nashville. Mt. Juliet Market has a colorful assortment of craft sodas as well as craft beers, and all their sodas are made with pure cane sugar.

Lemmy’s sparkling lemonade is made with real lemon juice.

For the citrus fans, Lemmy’s sparkling lemonade is made with real lemon juice. Fresh and mildly tart, it refreshes the taste buds like visiting a farmer’s market lemonade stand in the middle of June. Almost like a lemonhead candy, it has a balanced sweet and sour aftertaste. Staying in the citrus family, WBC, a Chicago native company, boasts a rich and creamy collection of craft sodas. Each of their sodas is made with 100% real sugar and natural flavorings. Their popular orange cream soda has hints of vanilla and Valencia orange. A show stopping eye-catching color makes this bottle stand out amongst neighboring competitors on the shelf.

Frostie’s cherry-limeade craft soda.

As the demand for quality craft soda continues to climb, more inventive flavors and higher quality beverages will be available. Shirley Temple herself would be proud of Frostie’s cherry limeade, a beverage reminiscent of the child actress’ favorite drink which consists of grenadine, ginger ale, and a maraschino cherry. Fruity, light, and smooth, it satisfies those sweet tooth cravings. Or if you’re in the mood for something more traditional, Dad’s root beer brings it back to the classics. Their famous old-fashioned style root beer set itself apart as a brand by being the first to offer its products as a six pack. A practice that has now become standard. This company has been making soda since 1937. With such a long-standing success they must be doing something right, and hopefully Dad’s has a long future ahead of them bringing smiles to people of all ages.

Visit Mt. Juliet Market for one of the largest selection of craft sodas in Tennessee.

Mt. Juliet Market is located at 11356 Lebanon Rd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122.

Halley Rachel is a writer and blogger based in Nashville ,TN.