The city of Knoxville is booming with the sounds of clinking glasses and the banter of people mingling. The sounds and boom are derived from an industry of craft, that is craft beer and alcohol. Knoxville may be small but Knoxville knows craft. Not so new to the scene but standing out on their own are Eric McNew and Stanton Webster, the creators of PostModern Distilling.

Eric is a laid back Tennessee native, originally from the Plateau and traversed the Cumberland Mountains to Knoxville in 2003. Eric decided not very long ago to take his knowledge and expertise to make something he is very proud to call his own, PostModern Distilling. PMD is located in The Old City right next to new craft beer serving concept, Pour. And right across from the iconic Knoxville landmark, the JFG building.

PostModern hosted a soft opening for people to sample had crafted Empirical Dry Gin, Giniferous Gin, Kore Vodka, Elderberry Gin Liqueur and Chamomile Liqueur. You could taste a flight of these straight or imbibe a variety of tasty collaborations featuring these spirits enhanced with fruits and juices or just some tonic. All of these creations were tasty and not over the top. Eric hopes to have a surprise drink on occasion featuring a Farmer’s Market find and keeping it local.

Post Modern Distilling will be open to the public on August 16. They do not have a set open and close schedule yet but plan on being open 7 days a week. You can pick up a bottle or two of the spirits available at your favorite package store soon. Of course Eric is working on spreading distribution across the state. So, if you don’t see it now you should see it soon.

Melissa Phelps is a freelance writer based in Knoxville, TN.  Photos provided by Eric McNew.

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