By Scott Sutton 

Who would have thought one of Nashville’s up and coming breweries would be brought to us by Pepsi? Well, we can thank good old Pepsi for bringing us Sean Jewett. A former 30+ year teetotaler from St. Louis is the man behind the liquid offerings of East Nashville Beer Works. Located just off of Dickerson Pike and Trinity Lane, the building might sneak up on you. Do not miss it. You will be missing out on some of Nashville’s most unique beers. In the burgeoning Nashville beer scene, it takes some innovative thinking to set your brewery apart from many of the stalwarts and up and coming breweries. Sean and managing partner Anthony Davis are doing just that — creating unique beers, a fantastic taproom and kitchen and a building that is rapidly becoming a pillar of the East Nashville community.

It seems like a match made in heaven. Sean brews the beer and Anthony markets and promotes their product. So far, their plan has been pretty successful. Sean started home brewing after visiting a few local pubs. He wanted to see if he could make something as tasty as the beers he had with coworkers that changed his mind about beer. He waited until he graduated from Vanderbilt with a masters in liberal arts and science to start concocting beers in the small duplex he rented. He graduated to a bigger house and rapidly outgrew that as well.

Anthony comes from the other side. He knew he wanted to be involved in beer in some capacity. Whether distributing or owning he wanted to be involved in the beer community. A little over a year ago, when they celebrated their 1 year anniversary, the stars aligned and East Nashville Beer Works started churning out their flagship beer, Miro Miel. The name for this unique honey blonde comes from the Spanish occupation of middle Tennessee which they called Miro. Miel is the Spanish name for honey, and man does this beer have honey in it. Because they aim to source locally when possible, ENBW gets all of their honey from Johnsons Honey Farm on Dickerson Pike. They sure use plenty of the sweet nectar — six pounds of local honey per barrel. They also smoke all of their own hickory for their Young Hickory Smoked Porter. By using as many local ingredients as possible, they are ingraining themselves into the community.

“We didn’t want to just start a brewery in East Nashville and name it East Nashville just to latch on to a name. We truly want to be a staple of the community. We have a family friendly tap room and a dog friendly patio. I’ve personally taken water out to folks that brought their dogs up here on a Saturday. That’s what we are striving to be synonymous with in the East Nashville community.”

Their beers are taking off all over the mid-state. From Bellevue to Lebanon and Columbia to Hendersonville, the reputation is really picking up steam. Miro Miel is by far our top selling beer. We only carry Tennessee beers. If for some reason we run out there is hell to pay. I’ve had to put down some riots when the kegs are out! says Eddie Anderson, owner of Sanders Ferry Pizza in Hendersonville. We are going through about 8-10 half barrels a month. But that’s just the Miro Miel I’m talking about. In a restaurant that seats 75 people. We try and keep at least 2-3 of their beers on at all times. Cumberland Punch, a citrus wheat, has taken the place of that other beer people drink with an orange. Not anymore!

Anthony and Sean are gracious about the reception they have received from the community. “We were hoping for neighborhood local support. Come in on a Saturday and there’s no telling where the crowd is from. Just the other day I had a conversation with a gentleman from Canada. It’s just amazing to me the reception we have seen from our community, Nashville and Bounty Bev. They are our distributor and have excelled our expectations with getting the beer out there and helping tell everyone about it. They have been an awesome partner to deal with.”

While they have just finished up their first year of operation, there is no slowing down in sight, which is fine with Sean. “We always hoped we were going to have the problem of having to expand. Things are progressing rapidly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a problem we welcome with open arms.”

Next time you feel like hitting the East Side, stop by and check out their list of taproom-only brews. There is always someone from out of state or even out of the county that comes by. It’s pretty interesting to see the diversity.

East Nashville Beer Works has only been around a year but they are definitely in it for the long haul. Cheers to you guys and here’s to another great year.

East Nashville Beer Works is located at 320 East Trinity Ln. Nashville TN 37207 and their products can be found at Homegrown Taproom, Mt Juliet Market, Tupelo Honey, Farmburger and many other locations.