The 7th Annual East Nashville Beer Festival presented by 3 Crow Bar is back on Saturday April 8, 2017! Celebrating their 7th year of ENBF they welcome you all back to East Nashville’s ONLY craft beer tasting and festival. This is the event that started it all at Rhizome Productions and they are honored to host this event in the East Nashville beer community.

  • Please help show the community that we are responsible by being aware of your alcohol consumption and do NOT drive while intoxicated. See our Travel section for buses, taxis and other transportation info. All attendees, staff members, and volunteers’ actions before, during, and after the event will affect the future of the East Nashville Beer Festival. That being said, we look forward to a great festival and having you all be part of this awesome event!

And if you are over in the East Tennessee area, Thirsty Orange is the kick-off event for Johnson City and the Tri-Cities area. Located in Founders Park, over 150+ craft beers to sample.  This event is put on by Super Fly Fabulous Events and is rated one of the top US craft beer events.