Minnesota’s Fulton Beer is bringing back their popular, limited release, New England-style IPA, Specter, on November 1st. Available in kegs, 4-pack cans, and draught.

This is the first time Specter will be available to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers in all regions of the United States by markets that sell and service by Artisanal Imports.

The Spector is a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and hazy appearance, with nearly 20% oats in the mash, a chloride-heavy water chemistry and low flocculating yeast. At 35 IBU’s, it was aggressively hopped with a tropical and juicy finish, and a little lingering bitterness. It’s a dry-hops with double the Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin to add to the aromas of citrus and stone fruits. At a 7.1% ABV, this is an easy drinking beer, bursting with flavor.

The back story of this beer brings to why it is important to the Fulton Crew to release this beer again. In 2016, Greg Sincheff, a Fulton family member, passed away to depression. In his memory, the brewery released this New England IPA that bore his nickname, “Grog.” The name, Grog, was changed to Specter due to the definition of the word being, “a visible incorporeal spirit, ghost, phantom, or apparition.” It’s to continue Greg’s memory and help his spirit remain visible. This is an opportunity for Fulton to bring awareness to mental health issues and suicide prevention. One dollar from each pint at their taproom is donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

The artwork on the can is inspired by the “sugar skull” associated with the Día de Muertos also known as Day of the Dead. The artwork is to honor the holiday that is held on November 1st to loved one that have died. The original sugar skull image was originally in their taproom to mark “Death of the Growler” in September 2016. They brewery grew too big for their growlers, due to state laws, and decided to place the sugar skull on Specter in remembrance of Greg’s death and those on Day of the Dead.

Be on the lookout for this amazing brew near you.