By Shane Gibbs

Here in the great state of Tennessee, when you think about craft beer, you might not think about the small town of Clarksville, home to Fort Campbell Military Base.

But from that small town a brewery was born which is “unapologetically patriotic.” Joshua Romaker, a 22-year army veteran is the brain behind Star Spangled Brewing Company, which specializes in small batch and high gravity beers. Brewing on a 3-barrel system, Joshua produces approximately 93 gallons of beer per batch, which keeps him true to staying small and local. This allows him to focus on the details of his work and on what’s happening in the community.  

Since opening just a few months ago, Star Spangled has donated over $7500 in funds and supplies to local charities and has become a spot for the military community to grab a pint or hold special events. Part of the charm of Star Spangled Brewing Company is that most everything has been sourced locally or made in America. This amps up the patriotism that makes this place so amazing.

And then, of course, there’s the beer. Some popular brews are the 6% ABV Struggle Bus IPA and the Winchester Bourbon Ale. Other notables are Queen Bee Honey Wheat Ale, which is brewed using 20 pounds of organic honey, and Cochise Pilsner which is my personal favorite.

Another unique element at Star Spangled is their program that allows folks to brew on their system. If you’ve ever thought of brewing or need a team building exercise for you and your coworkers, you can schedule a brew day. This allows you and at least 9 others to brew your very own beer on a large-scale system instead of inside somebody’s garage.  

After a long day of brewing, soldiering or whatever your daily grind is, make sure to pop into what feels like a cozy outdoor venue equipped with spool tables and refurbished oil containers as chairs. Listen to some live music and unwind with a cold beer in your hand. What’s more patriotic than that?

Visit Star Spangled Brewing Company at 1030 Progress Drive in Clarksville, or check out their website at