It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark. Well, not evil. Delicious, but not evil. ‘Cause this is Thriller.greenman-thriller

Greenman’s fall seasonal is a Blood Orange Saison. The glowing yellow eyes give you a hint that Thriller is a different kind of beer. Along with the blood orange, there are beets and rye in the beer. I’ve had a few beet beers, and there is no in between. They are either delicious or not good at all. Thriller, like MJ’s classic, did not disappoint.

We trace the Saison style back to the farmlands of Belgium. The farmhouse beer tradition was using ingredients sourced from the farm’s crops. So beets and rye are not as unusual as you might think. The beers were typically unique to each farm. Greenman Thriller follows that rich tradition, although I’m guessing blood oranges don’t grow in Belgium. Still, the citrus fruit adds an interesting twist to this classic style.

Thriller pours a brilliantly clear reddish-orange with the lively carbonation you expect in a Saison. The rich carbonation carries bright fruity, orange, lemon aromas to your nose. There are also faint aromas of earthiness and black pepper. You will experience a variety of flavors from Thriller. At first, you’ll pick up a rich, almost wheat bread like maltiness. In the middle, vivid citrus notes shine through. Thriller has an earthy, spicy, dry finish. The beets contribute to the earthiness, while the spicy, black pepper notes are from the rye malt and Saison yeast.

Like fall, Thriller will soon be gone. Pick up a bottle while you can. Cheers!

Beer Review by Kendall Joseph