Highland: Cold Mountain Winter Ale

Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale. ‘Tis the season! Highland finally released its annual seasonal brew! Cold Mountain is a winter warmer that has a malty body with a mixture of spices with hints of vanilla flavors. Check out ALL Casual Pint locations in Tennessee to imbibe in this highly anticipated seasonal release.


The Black Abbey: The Forty-Four Porter (POTUS 44)

The Forty-Four Porter, formally the “POTUS 44” is now in cans! Black Abbey collaborated with Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. to provide custom coffee to create a robust porter infused with Kenyan and Hawaiian coffee. Be on the lookout for the POTUS series to continue with the new President-Elect. We will soon see the creativity continue and see what The Black Abbey comes up with for the POTUS 45.



Rivertown: Soulless

Soulless Scarlet Sour Ale is a solid introduction to the newbie in the sour beer movement. Soulless is a Flanders-style sour that pours a deep reddish-brown. The aroma is like a dry oak red wine with a hint of sweetness. The taste definitely makes you pucker on the first sip, but has a nice dry finish. Let the beer warm just a bit and more of the tart elements fade into toffee and plum flavors.


New Belgium: Accumulation

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA is the answer to all the hopheads going into withdrawal during the peak of stout and porter season! The nose on the beer has a strong hop aroma with tropical fruits, bright citrus, and hoppy merry day. The flavor is big and bitter just what you expect with an IPA. Thank you New Belgium for breaking the mold of the dark beer season.


Yee Haw: Winter Porter

Winter is coming! Yee Haw Winter Porter should be hitting the shelves soon. Be on the lookout for this great English Porter seasonal. This Schwarzbier is complex with a roasted and nutty flavor. There are hints of black currant and dark fruit with a slight vanilla accent. Let it warm just a bit and the aromas and flavors really shine through, YEE HAW!

Contributed by Lindsey Robinette w/ Casual Pint.Lindsey

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