Sweetwater Hashbrown Indian Brown Ale

Catch and Release Series! Sweetwater Hashbrown IBA is almost gone for the season. Better hurry in to catch this delicious beer on tap or in a six-pack. Hashbrown IBA is fired to a toasty 420 degrees. This grainy concoction is a base of 2-row, Wheat, Pale Chocolate, Cara-Brown Midnight Wheat. Then it’s infused with a dose of Hop Hash, Mandarina, and Bravo hops. Nice amount of IBUs at 60 in this dankalicious brew. This beer won’t give you a pot-belly (pun intended), but will help you maintain your crafty beer persona.


Tennessee Brew Work’s Wildwood Flower

Happy Birthday Southern Living Magazine! This is a neat collaboration beer to celebrate the 50th birthday of this southern classic magazine. What better way to party than to bring in one of Nashville’s hottest breweries? This blonde ale has classic Belgian Abbey yeast heightened by floral hops and blended with locally sourced Wildflower and Sourwood honeys to add just a touch of sweetness. You will not be disappointed!


Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Best Brown is an answer to the not so dark and not so hoppy kind of beer crowd. This American brown finally made its debut in the Tennessee market. Certainly worth the wait, if I do say so myself! This malty brown with hints of caramel and cocoa is the perfect combination. Cool, crisp nights of fall are upon us. So grab a growler or a six-pack of this brew and cozy up to the fire.



Highland Thunderstruck Coffee Porter

I know, I know. I put a Highland Brew on last week, but when you’re good, you’re good. Thunderstruck Coffee Porter, named after Thunderstruck Ridge in the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, is a seasonal robust coffee, chocolaty, malty, and flavorful beer. I am a lover of the porters and stouts. This suffices even the biggest critics of the dark beer connoisseur.



Terrapin Liquid Bless

Trick-or-Treat!? With Halloween just around the corner I thought this beer would be the fun adult treat to imbibe in this weekend or even AFTER you take the kiddos Trick-or-Treating. Love Reese’s candy? Well then you are sure to love this brew from Terrapin, now available year round! Liquid bliss (oh so true!) is a chocolaty, malty character beer with essence of peanut butter. This is surely going to take you back to your favorite childhood candy.


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Contributed by Lindsey Robinette w/ Casual Pint.