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Spotlight: Ciders of Tennessee

Long Road Cider

Get to know Tennessee’s first active cidery

By Jeff Hulett

Did you know that just down the way from Memphis you can find Tennessee’s first active cidery? That’s right. After two address changes and countless hours on the phone with every government office...Read More »

A Street Lamp Burns Bright

Johnson City Brewing Company

Story and Photography by Rob Shomaker, Certified Cicerone®

It all began quite innocently. Eric Lantham joined his wife, Kat, in her hometown of Winchester, Virginia. In an effort to connect him with the community, they began hosting monthly gatherings...Read More »

City Guide: Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is a city to visit with craft beer in your sights. With 18 breweries at the time of printing, craft beer has taken center stage. Knoxville’s Ale Trail (knoxvillealetrail.com) is the best way to sample all the breweries the city offers....Read More »

Schulz Bräu

Authentic German beer brewed locally in a castle!

By Andy Brantley

Every brewery has a distinct atmosphere and feel. Imagine walking into a castle with a “Great Hall” and a biergarten and ordering German ales and lagers brewed by a German family using...Read More »

Creativity by the Tracks

Devin Rutledge, Depot Street Brewing

Story and Photography by Rob Shomaker, Certified Cierone®

Jonesborough, Tennessee is known as the oldest town in the state. Main Street is adorned with historical buildings and small porches and sprinkled with notes...Read More »

Elkmont Exchange

Charcuterie boards and unique pours

By Jill Thompson

Photos Courtesy of Elkmont Exchange

Elkmont Exchange Brewery and Eating House is something new, something adventurous. Whether it is through their charcuterie program or their sour beer lineup, they have...Read More »

Southern Growler


GROWLERS: We all have at least one. Many of us have plenty, but if you want one of the best growlers you could possibly get your beer-loving hands on, then you need one from Southern Growler, which is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Created...Read More »

Only Drink the Best


Craft beer is all about flavor. If your goal is to get “plastered,” there are plenty of less expensive and quicker options. You are drinking craft beer because you want more from your beer than just alcohol, but what “more” is supposed to...Read More »

In The Rounds

The songwriters of Nashville publishing company Carnival Music find common ground with honchos at Yazoo Brewing at Music Row beer summit.


One thing songwriters Marla Cannon-Goodman, Derik Hultquist, Jedd Hughes, Mando Saenz and Hailey Whitters — five of the flagship tunesmiths on the roster of independent Nashville publishing company...Read More »

Redneck Riveria

By: Shane Gibbs

When most people think about the good ol’ U.S. of A, they think about baseball and mom’s fresh apple
pie but there are others, like me, who think about beer and country music and for that we are
“unapologetically patriotic”. Josh Romaker of Star Spangled Brewing Company out...Read More »

Hap & Harry’s, Kings of Leon Collaborate on Revelry Amber Ale

Nashville, TN – Sept. 6, 2017…… R.S. Lipman Brewing Company announced today a special collaboration between two Nashville originals. Grammy award-winning artists Kings of Leon and Hap & Harry’s Tennessee Beer partnered together to produce a limited-edition release called Revelry, an Amber Ale. Available in cans and on draft in...Read More »

Catching Summer Fever: Food and Beer, Recipes, and Pairings

Kimberly Schlapman, co-founder of the award-winning country music band, Little Big Town, is pretty sure she’s been cooking as long as she’s been singing. Both passions rooted in her north Georgia childhood, Kimberly is as comfortable in the kitchen as she is on the stage. Heritage and harmonies...Read More »

Pilgrimage Foundation Resonates Year Round Throughout Williamson County

By David T. Wingo

Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival has brought good vibes, world class music, and big crowds to Franklin’s Harlinsdale Park, since 2015. But of all the festival’s accolades and accomplishments, co-founder W. Brandt Wood is most proud of The Pilgrimage Foundation, Pilgrimage’s non-profit entity...Read More »

Dave Mustaine Profile

by Chris Chamberlain

As a founding member of Metallica and the frontman for the heavy metal band Megadeth, Dave Mustaine has definitely done his share of hard partying. But now, sitting on the back porch of his quiet Williamson County horse farm, it’s apparent that he has...Read More »

We Salute Women in Beer

by Shawn Klumpjan

The backstory of Mayday Brewery doesn’t seem all that different from many other stories on the surface. Humble beginnings, one man’s passion, talent and dreams and a neighborhood garage combine with a family history that has catapulted Mayday Brewery into a highly esteemed family...Read More »

Baroness of Bearwalker

by Scott Sutton

A dream finally came true in 2011. Bailey Spaulding opened the doors to the first female-owned brewery in Tennessee, none other than Nashville’s own Jackalope Brewery.

It was a crazy route that brought Bailey to our city. Originally from Vermont, Bailey attended Harvard, studying Biological...Read More »

Gaining Altitude at Highland Brewing Co.

by Julie Holt

When the family business is beer, passing the baton to the next generation means careful
attention to both the business and the product. Leah Wong, president of Highland Brewing Co.,
and her father Oscar, the brewery’s founder, disagreed about when it was time to turn over the
keys...Read More »

Small Town Craft Beer in Georgetown, Kentucky

By: Rob Shomaker, Certified Cicerone®

The tram zips through the Toyota manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. Rolls of steel come in,
finished cars leave. Over eight million square feet, more than 11 million cars produced since 1988,
approximately 8,000 team members—each of which would smile and wave as our tour passed...Read More »

Anything But the Sound of Silence

By: Andy Brantley

I first met Jordan three years ago at the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest. Like everyone else who meets her,
I felt an immediate connection—Jordan is friendly, engaging, down to earth and genuine. Following that
initial connect, our paths frequently crossed thanks to the emerging Knoxville beer scene.

Two years...Read More »

Leading Ladies at Pink Boots

by Julie Holt

I walk into Tailgate Music Row alone on a Monday evening and scan the crowd. The place is familiar and so is the crowd. A handful of guys huddled around a big screen, watching teams I can’t identify, some aprés work brews for a...Read More »

East Tennessee Women In Beer

By Tony Schmitt, Certified Cicerone®

You might say that women are getting into the craft beer scene like never before, but you’d be wrong. Women are getting back into the craft beer scene. Women were the original brewers of beer, making sure the entire household, or even village, had their daily portion of...Read More »

Consistency, Focus and Dedication; Matt Simpson, Leading the Band at Tennessee Brew Works

By Rob Shomaker

It was the early ‘90s and an irate post commander marched swiftly across Fort Lewis just outside of Tacoma, Washington. Rumor was that illegal alcohol was being produced in C Company of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and this 2-star general was going...Read More »

Brand Innovation at Hap & Harry's

Dieter Foerstner, Hap & Harry’s affable head brewer, is well-seasoned in the art, science and business of brewing. He doesn’t shy away from the less glamorous details of running a brewery, and his laid-back demeanor implies that he’s taken the twists and turns of head brewership in stride.

Read More »

Local Craft Beer for the Tourist Throngs in Downtown Nashville

by Don Else

Nashville, the IT city. Is there some silly Stephen King cease and desist order in our future?  Well, hopefully. But downtown Nashville is now a mad crazy woo girl pedal tavern party barge golf cart horse and carriage tourist destination.

Of course, in reality, rightly...Read More »

TCB Introduces David Wingo as New Editor-In-Chief

NASHVILLE, TN February 27, 2018 — Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine is pleased to announce the hiring of David Wingo as the magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief.

David is a mainstay in the Nashville craft beer scene, and his knowledge of and passion for all things brewing promises to further TCB’s mission of exploring...Read More »

Blossom Cellar - Food Review

by Scott Sutton

In 2016, a brand new restaurant was born in Hendersonville, Blossom. It surprised the town by being voted the People’s Choice of Taste of Hendersonville in 2016 after being open just a couple of short months.  

Tamara Gnyp, the mastermind behind Blossom, followed it...Read More »

Rock Bottom Nashville's Unique Fundraiser

by Don Else

First, as a bit of background, Rock Bottom is a chain restaurant which is part of Chattanooga based CraftWorks. It includes Rock Bottom, Big River, Gordon Biersch and Old Chicago, among others.  

The most important thing, though, is the Rock Bottom breweries in each...Read More »

Beer Tasting For Beginners

by Kent Taylor

Beer is one of the oldest beverages and dates back between 5,000 and 7,000 years. Some historians have postulated that beer was the reason that mankind gave up their hunter-gatherer lifestyle in favor of forming communities and growing crops year after year.

In years...Read More »

Jack Daniel’s Releases New Rye Whiskey

by Chris Chamberlain 

When the iconic Lynchburg, TN distillery Jack Daniel’s first released their Single Barrel Rye in 2016, it was kind of a big deal. After all, the venerable distillery has not produced a truly new mash bill recipe for wide commercial distribution since before Prohibition, with their...Read More »

Beer and the Great Outdoors

by Julie Holt

There’s nothing better than getting into Fresh Pants or a Little Black Dress after hiking the gorgeous cliffs and valleys of the Obed region on the Cumberland plateau. In fact, at least half of the rock climbers, kayakers, hikers and campers winding down from a day...Read More »

Tennessee’s King of Lagers

by Ryan Guess

For craft beer drinkers in Tennessee, the name Wiseacre has become synonymous with great beer. Behind every great beer, there has to be a great brewer and that’s where Wiseacre’ very own Davin Bartosch steps into the ring. Just like Jerry Lawler was the King of...Read More »


Steel Barrel’s brewery and 500-seat taproom will feature a wraparound porch for enjoying music, views, and brews.


Steel Barrel at Hop Springs: Changing Palates, Perceptions & Even Hops

By Gini David

“This will be all fruit trees and honey bees, said Mark Jones, sweeping his arm...Read More »


Mud Tavern, Old Hickory and the Politics of Drinking in Donelson, Tennessee

By Joe Nolan

The Mud Tavern community in Nashville’s Donelson neighborhood boasts its own historical marker along with a legend worthy of the landmark. Honor, history, politics and potent pints of porter all met there in America’s first days...Read More »


By Scott Sutton 

Who would have thought one of Nashville’s up and coming breweries would be brought to us by Pepsi? Well, we can thank good old Pepsi for bringing us Sean Jewett. A former 30+ year teetotaler from St. Louis is the man behind the liquid offerings of East Nashville...Read More »


As Managing Partner of Blackberry Farm Brewery, Roy Milner wants to democratize his products. Because let’s face it, the Walland, TN resort that gives the brewery its name has traditionally been known as a place where the well-to-do could relax in the lap of luxury and receive impeccable service at...Read More »


Quality Beers Need Quality Equipment

By Jon Wallace

In 2012, Fat Bottom Brewing was the first brewery to open its doors in East Nashville, an up and coming neighborhood home to musicians, songwriters and visual artists. After a bumpy start, the brewery made a commitment to support its quality, which helped...Read More »


by Pam Windsor

Grinder’s Switch Winery’s Joey Chesser enjoys every part of the winemaking process. He takes a hands-on approach whether it involves planting and harvesting the grapes in his Hickman County vineyard or taking all the time needed to make sure each and every bottle of wine tastes just right.

Read More »


The Neighborhood Brewery For Everyone 

By: Rob Shomaker

There’s something familiar here. Each time I enter the Last Days of Autumn, while the walls may be made of cinder block and the floor of concrete, there’s a warmness. Pictures of trees, leaves and trucks adorn the dark green walls, alongside antique beer...Read More »


Mill Creek Brewing Co., one of Tennessee’s fastest growing craft breweries, sits right outside ofNashville in Nolensville, Tennessee. Located just 100 feet from their namesake tributary, Mill Creek is quietly and strategically turning out thousands of barrels of beer in their historic farm town.

The brewery’s story begins like that of...Read More »

One Night in Huntsville

By Gini David
July 24, 2017

First stop: Green Bus Brewing in Downtown Huntsville

I love destinations that defy easy descriptions. If you’re seeking a craft beer scene that is both cosmopolitan and quirky in the nicest, neighborly, make-you-feel-at-home way, you’ll enjoy Huntsville. The Huntsville...Read More »

A Wild Session with Sandor Katz

Fermentation Luck photo by Jacqueline Schlossman

We are in a bacteria revolution. Yogurts are putting more focus on live active cultures, beer nerds pick or pan...Read More »

Explore the Pour in Lexington KY

Folks flock to the Bluegrass State each spring to toss back a few Juleps, brag about the bets they won or lost on the ponies and experience Bourbon Country. Horses and bourbon are indeed two of Kentucky’s prime resources. But, these days there’s something special brewing in Lexington, Kentucky. Folks...Read More »

Silly Name, Serious Beer ~ Yee-Haw Brewing Company and Brewmaster Brandon Greenwood

It’s hard not to reflect on my childhood memories of 7am on Saturday morning, watching the Dukes of Hazzard, in syndication of course, pull another one over on Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane. Somehow the words, “Yee Haw” are wrapped up in that memory. Perhaps it is...Read More »

Smoker's Abbey; East Nashville's One-Stop Shop

In the heart of East Nashville, where Gallatin Avenue turns into Main St. is a small slice of heaven where locals and tourists can gather 7 days a week…and most days, into the wee hours of the morning. Smoker’s Abbey, which opened in 2013, is a small neighborhood...Read More »

Old Forge Distillery

Before you start snickering about East Tennessee genealogy, Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge is indeed owned by two couples who happen to be siblings and in-laws. Laurie Faulkner and Chris Blanton are brother and sister who have invested in the distillery with the respective spouses, Craig Faulkner...Read More »

Maynard James Keenan Music, Wine and Other Musings

Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Caduceus Cellars, Merkin Vineyards, A Perfect Union of Contrary Things, television and film roles. Maynard James Keenan is the embodiment of creativity and ever the artist, never happy unless he keeps pushing himself to create...Read More »

You Crafty Bastard! A Nanobrewery Makes Waves in East Tennessee

I still remember the day I met Aaron McCain and Jen Parker. They found me through my blog, Knoxbeersnobs.com, and invited my partner-in-beer Don Kline and me over to hear about their plans to open a nanobrewery, in which they would brew high quality beer in very small batches.

It...Read More »

The Art of Craft Beer

The road leading up to Blackberry Farm winds gently through the hills of East Tennessee. Transition abounds along the way as farms and homes are slowly being buttressed by modern creations that pay homage to the past with an eye towards the future. Blackberry Farm lies at...Read More »

Tennessee Craft Beer Guide Creativity and the Brewing Process

When I first started writing professionally over a decade ago, I fell victim to a fear that can paralyze many practitioners of the creative arts. I often felt that the last thing I’d written was the best thing I’d ever written and the best thing that I would ever write....Read More »

Brewing History


When the history of the rise of craft beer in Middle Tennessee is recounted, Robert Lipman probably won’t get enough credit because he has never been a brewer. But in truth, Lipman is possibly more responsible for Tennessee beer lovers discovering their first taste of beer that wasn’t made in...Read More »

Tennessee Waltzing

As with most things that some view as “trendy”, the art of making and enjoying small batch and craft beer has been around for decades. Much like the cigar boom of the 90’s, people are starting to pay particular attention to craft brewing and it’s popularity…and as a result we...Read More »

Editor's Corner

Time for another round. We are getting better and more efficient and

now expect to be on schedule for the actual seasons. So we pulled a sort of Monty Python and the Holy Grail move and skipped summer and moved directly into fall. This will make everything more timely and...Read More »

Chimipalooza 2016

The Sunday before Memorial Day has become like Christmas for craft beer lovers in Middle Tennessee. The excitement builds for weeks. Finally, the big day arrives, full of special surprises.

Chimipalooza got it’s start in 2012 after Eddie Chimichanga fell in love with the Nashville beer community at the first 12...Read More »

Homebrewer Takes Gold

Every year the American Homebrewers Association sponsors the National Homebrew Competition known as HomebrewCon.   This year there were 7,962 entries from across the world entered at 12 first round judging centers located across the United States.  Nashville was one of the 12 first round judging centers and 12 entries from...Read More »

Fall Issue

See our Fall Issue on Issue.com

...Read More »

Karen Lassiter and Corsair Are Brewing Up Something Special

Nashville’s Corsair Artisan Distillery is best known for creating award-winning innovative spirits, particularly what they refer to as “alt whiskies.” Karen Lassiter earned a reputation as a creative and solid brewer working at the popular Boscos location in Hillsboro Village. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the two would go together....Read More »