Memphis Made Brewing Co. is excited to announce a new offering which will change the beer landscape on an international level. The Midtown brewery is releasing Firesidarita this week, building on the success of their flagship amber ale, Fireside and adding the festive excitement of a margarita. The company has decided to unofficially partner with Taco Bell and their signature beverage the Baja Blast to achieve an authentic blend of Memphian and Mexican flavors. “Firesidarita is a festive turn on one of our most beloved beer,” Andy Ashby, sales manager at Memphis Made, says. “We think we’re breaking important new ground in the beer landscape.”

Head brewer Drew Barton adds, “We don’t see how anyone will ever be able to look at beer the same way again.” This is the natural progression for a company known for adding completely unnecessary things to beer. All packaging will include a “frozen” or “on the rocks option” as well as a layer of coarse kosher salt to give the Firesidarita launch that “I’m ready to party” feel.

“You’re welcome, Memphis,” says the whole Memphis Made Brewing team.

Memphis Made Brewing is a production brewery and tap room located at 768 S. Cooper St. Drew Barton and Andy Ashby started the company in October 2013. It self-distributes to more than 270 bars, restaurants, and stores throughout Shelby County. Its Cooper Young tap room is open to the public Thursday 4-10, Friday 4-10, Saturday 1-10, and Sunday 1-7. For more information, call Andy Ashby at 901-691-2396 or go to

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