Mill Creek Brewing Co., one of Tennessee’s fastest growing craft breweries, sits right outside ofNashville in Nolensville, Tennessee. Located just 100 feet from their namesake tributary, Mill Creek is quietly and strategically turning out thousands of barrels of beer in their historic farm town.

The brewery’s story begins like that of many start-ups– with a basement, an entrepreneurial spirit and over a beer.

Chris Going, founder and CEO, was a guitar teacher turned homebrewer. After years in the mu-sic industry, he decided to turn his creative outlet from strings to barrels. In 2014, Chris home-brewed all the beer for a family trip to the Smokey Mountains. The beers he homebrewed would later become the brewery’s core year-round beers, and with that, Mill Creek Brewing Co. was established.

The brewery began contract brewing their now flagship beer Lil Darlin, which allowed Chris tofocus on building their own brew house. In May 2016, Mill Creek brewed their first beer out oftheir 27,500-sq. ft. facility.

Fast forward to today, Mill Creek’s amazing team consists of Chris Going at the helm, Becky Hammond as Brewmaster and Tyler Dishman as Director of Sales. Together, alongside their brewing, sales and marketing teams, Mill Creek has expanded their distribution to three states – Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. In their first year alone, this young brewery brewed 3,000 barrels of beer (93,000 gallons or 992,160 cans of beer for all you numbers people out there). The craft beer industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and these guys have certainly captured that.

Mill Creek has planned a cellar expansion which will allow them to double their annual output by 2018. Their focused strategy coupled with their approachable brews has made the growth trajectory for this craft brewery fast and forceful.

Their liquid libations consist of four year-round beers studded with seasonal offerings. Lil Darlin, a citrus-infused wheat beer, is our go-to recommendation. Coming inat 4.5% ABV, it’s the per-fect beer for warm days spent outdoors or just relaxing at your local bottle shop throwing darts. Landmark (Vintage Lager), Silo (Farmhouse Ale) and Woodshed (IPA) round out their core beers. And this fall season, keep an eye out for their Oktoberfest, which will have your taste buds singing Prost!

So, grab a six-pack or a pint of Mill Creek the next time you’re out and raise a glass to their mot-to, Less fuss. More beer.”