Featured photo credit: TariffsHurt.com

Nashville-Area business owners, farmers, and consumers on Thursday, September 20th, plan to dedicate their time to Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a nationwide campaign showing how tariffs are impacting American families, workers, and communities at a town hall meeting.

The campaign discusses the opposition that is increasing across the country due to the increase in tariffs that have already cost American jobs, cause commodity prices to plummet, and raise the cost of goods for businesses and consumers. Over 100 of the nation’s largest trade organization across the country have already represented workers and businesses on the impact in their local communities.

Why is it import for craft beer? It focuses on the production of the wide range in imported products, and the steel and aluminum products needed for production and canning. Tariff increase can result in price fluctuations and chain disruptions.

Aluminum cans are 28.5% of the packaged production for a brewery. The largest growing segment is to package beer in cans, which can result directly impacting smaller packaging companies. New breweries use canning as an affordable packaging method, and the tariff increase could result in spike aluminum costs, making it harder for businesses to package their products for consumers.

Steel, used for producing kegs and brewery equipment, could impact breweries on purchasing of new/improved equipment and production time of their products. This result could mean longer wait times for production due to the result of increase prices.

To read more stories from across the country of how tariffs are impacting local communities, go to TariffsHurt.com.

September 20th, at 11:30am. Meeting place: TN Brew Works, 809 Ewing Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 will meet to discuss the tariff impact on Nashville area businesses, workers, families, and farmers.