By Shane Gibbs

Q: What do you get when you add a beer history enthusiast to the thriving craft beer market of Nashville, Tennessee?

A: A reemergence of Nashville’s oldest brewery, Nashville Brewing Company.

The original Nashville Brewery historical sign (reverse side)

Dating back to 1859, the Nashville Brewing Company had to stop production after just two years due to the Civil War. The brewery eventually reopened but by then had changed names and owners numerous times. In 1890 it became the Moerlein-Gerst Brewing Company, and in 1893 William Gerst purchased controlling interest and renamed it the William Gerst Brewing Company. Fast forward to today, and we have the resurgence of old world, traditional style beers from Scott Mertie of Nashville Brewing Company, in partnership with Blackstone Brewing Company.






Scott Mertie, reviver of Nashville Brewing Company

Mertie is a beer historian, who as a child had hundreds of beer cans in his personal collection. His hobby eventually branched out toward home brewing and brewery advertising. It was his vision and drive which led him to restart the Nashville Brewing Company  but not before publishing Nashville Brewing (Acadia Publishing, 2006) and convincing the Nashville Historic Commission to erect a historic marker in the site of the original brewery back in 2011.





Nashville Brewing Company’s Märzen, Festbier

The new Nashville Brewing Company released its first beer in December of 2016, and with today’s booming craft beer scene and being a tourist destination, the Nashville lager is a huge success. Other brews to get your hands on would be the 1897 Czech-style Pilsner, the Nashville Maibock and the Nashville Festbier. The Festbier is a deep amber-colored traditional Märzen, which was the style enjoyed back in 1810 at the first Oktoberfest.

I, for one, am looking forward to trying the Märzen this year, just as Mertie is excited to share it with the world. For a chance to find yours, check your local bottle shops, restaurants and bars. Of course, the Nashville lager can also be found at the Blackstone Taproom.

Grab one today, friends; prost!





Blackstone Taproom is located at 2312 Clifton Ave, Nashville TN 37209.