October 1, 2016 (Nashville, TN) — Today The Nature Conservancy and two Tennessee craft
breweries—Nashville’s Jackalope Brewing Co. and Chattanooga’s Hutton & Smith
Brewing Co. —launched the month-long OktoberForest awareness campaign in Tennessee. The
campaign is making beer fans aware of the critical link between the health of America’s forests
and beer’s main ingredient—water.

In addition, the two breweries and The Nature Conservancy are collaborating on two public
events in Chattanooga and Nashville drawing attention to the importance of forests for clean

The relevance of America’s forests to breweries is transparent: more than 90% of beer is
water, and more than 50% of America’s water comes from our forests.
America’s forests improve water supplies for people by storing and filtering rain and snow.
They do this in a number of ways: forests help shade streams, lakes and snow from evaporation;
the forest floor helps filter sediment; and tree roots helps hold soil together so it can store waterlike a sponge.

“We’re supporting OktoberForest because taking care of forests is ground zero for taking care of
the environment,” said Bailey Spaulding, CEO of Jackalope Brewing Co. “And if you don’t take
care of the environment, guess what? Beer goes away. You can’t have good beer without clean

“You can’t have clean water without healthy forests,” said Melanie Krautstrunk, co-owner of
Hutton & Smith. “When forests are damaged, you have issues with erosion and sediment in the
water, and you have issues with water not being properly filtered by the soil. That’s why we care
about forests and why we’re supporting OktoberForest. Plus, everyone likes to have a nice
backdrop of green to look out on!”

The events
 Hutton & Smith and the Conservancy have scheduled a guided forest hike just outside
Chattanooga for Sat., Oct. 15. Group leaves Hutton & Smith for the forest at 10 a.m.
Eastern. The Conservancy’s Director of Forest Conservation, Trish Johnson, will speak.
Hike is all ages, but Hutton & Smith taproom afterward is restricted to 21+.

 Jackalope and the Conservancy have scheduled an invasive plant cleanup with Owl’s Hill
Nature Sanctuary in Nashville on Sun., Oct. 16. Meet at Owl’s Hill at 8:30 a.m. Pizza and
beer will be provided after the invasive plant removal.


“We are proud to partner with Hutton & Smith and Jackalope on the OktoberForest campaign,”
said The Nature Conservancy’s State Director for Tennessee, Terry Cook. “The Nature
Conservancy has been working to conserve and restore America’s forests for more than 60 years.
We hope that this campaign will raise awareness about how important our forests are in
delivering beer’s main ingredient—as well as how important forests are to our overall health and

National forest lands, and state and private forest lands provide more than 50 percent of
the water supply for a significant portion of the South, according to a 2014 USDA report on
the role of forests in providing drinking water for the Southern U.S.
Since 2010, The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee has been working on a collaborative
effort with the U.S. Forest Service and multiple stakeholders on forest restoration efforts for
the North Zone of the Cherokee National Forest. Improving the health of these forests spanning
340,000 acres in eastern Tennessee will ultimately help water quality and water quantity for
thousands of people who rely on water supplies originating or flowing through these forests.

You can participate in OktoberForest by visiting www.OktoberForest.org:

1. Take the quiz—how much do you know about forests, water, and beer?
2. Check out the map— how healthy are the forests around your favorite brewery?
3. Take the pledge—talk to your friends and favorite breweries about OktoberForest!
4. Post—your favorite forest and brewery photos to Twitter and Instagram at