By David T. Wingo

Long before founding Pour Taste in 2011, Jon and Lindsay Yeager were pioneers of elevated drinking in Music City. From their early days of restaurant menu consulting to developing E Harlow Pristine Tonic and Magnolia Bitters and heading up the Nashville Cocktail Festival, the Yeagers have always been on the leading edge of cocktails and fine beverages in Middle Tennessee. As their influence grew, so did their reputation. That reputation led Skyhorse Publishing to their front door. When Skyhorse approached Jon and Lindsey about writing one of the first books about beer cocktails, it was a natural fit. Since their early days of consulting, the Yeagers have often used beer as an ingredient in cocktails. Jon describes beer cocktails as a “punk rock offshoot of the cocktail cannon where there are no rules”. They quickly jumped at the opportunity to tell the “untold history and story” of beertails and begin to “lay down some guidance” for the style.

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails is broken down into two sections: History and Recipes. The Yeagers give a history of both beer and cocktails and detail their relationship with each other. Jon describes beer and cocktails as being “in very close proximity, pretty much since day one”. From Hammurabi and Anchor Brewing’s Fritz Maytag to Charles Dickens and the margarona, this section is a great, quick read and lays down some of the fantastic tales of the genre. The history section also includes a few pages of “tools, techniques, and other tid-bits” that would be a great reference for any bar.

The book includes 50 inspired beer cocktail recipes artfully created by Jon and Lindsey and beautifully photographed by Laurie Dicus. Pour Taste has always tried to “find flavors that you want to order again” and this remains true with these recipes. According to Jon, beer cocktails can be broken down into two main arms that branch out from the cocktail tree: “A more standard, traditional cocktail where beer is an additional component. Or you have beer with some other ingredients, possibly two or three, that are really elevating it and taking it in a different direction.” Jon described post Civil War beer cocktails that included enough ingredients to be “far from what the brewer intended” and this is what he and Lindsay wanted in these recipes. There are no “smell this flower, now drink this beer” recipes here. That said, some do not have many ingredients. Jon says “it’s OK to be basic, but it’s got to be something that can stand on its own.”  These certainly stand on their own. The recipes are all fun, imaginative, and have proven excellent.

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails is available now from Pour Taste, Amazon, or ask for it at your local bookseller. No bar library is complete without this style defining book full of delicious recipes from our friends Jon and Lindsay Yeager.