By: Shane Gibbs

When most people think about the good ol’ U.S. of A, they think about baseball and mom’s fresh apple
pie but there are others, like me, who think about beer and country music and for that we are
“unapologetically patriotic”. Josh Romaker of Star Spangled Brewing Company out of Clarksville
Tennessee, which happens to be Tennessee’s smallest brewery has partnered with John Rich of Big and
Rich. Together, they created a beer which everyone can enjoy while hitting up Rich’s newest endeavor in
Nashville, the Redneck Riviera, a three-story country bar located on lower Broadway playing live music
and showcasing an amazing rooftop patio experience. Featuring 10 beer taps on each floor, the Blue
Collar Beer will be the first tap on the far left on all three floors and can be easily identified by the Gibson
guitar tap handle. The Blue Collar Beer is a clean and refreshing 5.5% ABV pilsner brewed with 100%
American grains out of Wisconsin and yeast from California. The fragrance and mouthfeel are pleasant
and make a welcoming introduction that leaves your pallet wanting more. One great thing about this
beer, aside from the taste is that craft beer lovers and those that prefer those other beers can all enjoy this
one together. In addition to some great local beer choices and the standard ones that you’ll find along
Broadway, Redneck Riviera also features a full bar and food menu specializing in BBQ. From the
Redneck Nachos to the Loaded Mac n’ Cheese, you cannot go wrong when choosing this locale for your
dining experience. If you are looking for a space to throw a bachelorette party or celebrate a birthday, you
can reserve an area to hold a group party. The ground floor, also known as the Heroes Bar features a
main stage, merchandise and a ticketing booth for the Honky Tonk Party Express Bus, the second floor
has a large stage, long bar and the room can hold a group up to about 150 people. The rooftop bar is
partially indoors and partially a patio. Both spaces have their own bar so that you can still get your Blue
Collar Beer along with the many other great choices.

So, I ask you, what is more patriotic than country music, beer and BBQ? Let me tell you. A big part of
Redneck Riviera and Star Spangled Brewing Company is remembering to say thank you to all of the
brave men and women of the military who provide the blanket of security for which we all sleep under.
One way that John Rich says thank you is by offering all veterans and active duty as well as all first
responders 2 for 1 beer, wine, and cocktails from opening until 10pm plus half price Redneck Riviera
Jerky. Josh Romaker of Star Spangled is an active duty military member himself and one of the nicest
guys I’ve ever met. He and his team are responsible for raising funds and helping out numerous charities
in the Clarksville area and the brewery has become a gathering place for many active duty personnel and
families. The partnership that these two have developed may have started through a chance encounter
revolving around beer and patriotism but in the end, everybody comes out on top.

The next time you find yourself in downtown Nashville or want to take friends and family Honky
Tonkin’, make sure to pop into Redneck Riviera where they like to work hard and play even harder and
don’t forget to ask for a pint of the Blue Collar Beer, because you’re going to love it.