Rock Bottom Nashville is mirroring Widespread Panic’s fundraising for “Tunes for Tots” They will be donating 10% of every pint sold to “Toys for tots” for the entire day of 12/29/16

Rock Bottom also has a new release coming soon. “Hemped and Confused” American Pale Ale is brewed with 80lbs of organic “shelled” hemp seeds toasted in-house to bring out the earthy and nutty character. The hemp was added to a simple mash of 2-row, munich, and vienna malts and paired with pungent American hops.

This is their first recipe from Assistant Brewer Mitch Crain- an avid “jam band” enthusiast that will be happily attending one of Widespread Panic’s show in Nashville this New Years Eve. The concept and theme of this brew is meant to celebrate “hippie” or alternative culture, the crop that inspires it, and it’s close connection to the craft beer movement.