GROWLERS: We all have at least one. Many of us have plenty, but if you want one of the best growlers you could possibly get your beer-loving hands on, then you need one from Southern Growler, which is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Created in 2013 by Bill Johnston, Southern Growler has become an awesomely eyepopping example of true craftsmanship. The growler guys, also known as Aaron and Clay, have got a system down using molds and a material known as slip, which is a watered-down clay. Once the clay is set and dry, all debris is sanded away, and the growlers are placed into a kiln and then glazed by the resident potters. The growlers are then placed back into the kiln at over 2200 degrees, so they can achieve their beautiful, glossy finish. Each of the beautiful growlers are 100 percent food safe and prevent all UV rays that could potentially damage your beer. Because it is made of clay, the growler is naturally insulated, which will keep your beer cold for a longer period of time than most others. The team at Southern Growler wants to make sure that you can find one that matches your personality, which is why they have numerous color styles from which to choose. The Fire and the Andromeda are my personal favorites. Whether you are looking to purchase one for yourself or pick one up as a gift, make sure you check out everything online. In addition to 64-ounce growlers, Southern Growler also makes them in 32-ounce and 24-ounce steins. Who wouldn’t want their very own glazed stein? I know I do.