The Brewing and Distilling Center (BDC) will be offering classes just for fun this fall. Six (6) classes are being offered for the craft beer enthusiasts of East Tennessee. For the home brewers, two (2) different levels of instruction are being offered: an entry level class (Home Brewing Level I) and an upper level class (All-Grain Home Brewing). These two classes are for the person wanting to get started brewing craft beer at home or for the home brewer wanting to move from neophyte brewing to brewing like the professionals with all-grain ingredients. Attendees will brew beer and, later, bottle and take home the beers they brew.

Also, for anyone interested in hanging out with a local Master Brewer and learning some “trade secrets”, the Brewing + Distilling Center is introducing its Master Brewer’s Series. Folks get to see, first- hand, how a well-respected master brewer produces one of their favorite recipes. In September, Nathaniel Sears, local Master Brewer, brews a seasonal Imperial Pumpkin Ale. In November, Crafty Bastard owner/Master Brewer, Aaron McClain, brews one of his famous India Pale Ales: Tessallation IPA. Attendees will bottle and take home the beer brewed by the masters from both events.

In addition to the beer brewing events, a Mead Class and (hard) Cider Class will also be offered. An expert mead maker and cider maker will be teaching these fun classes.

More class details: (each class has a follow up meeting to sample, bottle, and take home the products)

  1. Mead Making: Wed. Sept. 6; Instructor, John Cosgrove; held at Round 6 Brewing Co., Maryville,TN; $195/person
  2. Home Brewing Level I: Sat. Sept. 9; Instructor, Shaun Kerr; held at Round 6 Brewing Co.,Maryville, TN; $295/person (home brewing equipment is also included)
  3. Master Brewer’s Series: Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Sun. Sept. 10; Instructor, Nathaniel Sears; held atCrafty Bastard Brewing Co., Knoxville, TN; $200/person
  4. Cider Making: Wed. Sept. 20; Instructor, Daniel Keating: held at Round 6 Brewing Co., Maryville,TN; $195/person
  5. All Grain Home Brewing: Sun. Oct. 22; Instructor, Charles Ellis: held at Ellis Home BrewWarehouse, Knoxville, TN; $195
  6. Master Brewer’s Series: Tessallation IPA; Sun. Nov. 19; Instructor, Aaron McClain; held at CraftyBastard Brewing Co., Knoxville, TN; $200/person

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The Brewing + Distilling Center also trains and educates professional brewers and distillers.