[BIRMINGHAM , AL, June 7] TrimTab Brewing Co., a Birmingham, AL-based craft brewery, announced today that it will be expanding distribution into Nashville, TN. TrimTab began distributing their beer on June 4th through Bounty Beverage Distributing, and will begin facilitating a week of launch events that will commence the week of June 11th.

Harris Stewart, founder and CEO of TrimTab Brewing Co. stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Bounty Beverage to bring our innovative, award-winning beers to the great people of Nashville. In Bounty we found great synergy based on a deep love of craft beer and a belief that craft beer culture does uniquely powerful and positive things for the community. With them we are excited to introduce Nashvillians to our diverse and evolving portfolio in just a few short days.” The launch will feature TrimTab’s flagship beers TrimTab IPA and Paradise Now Raspberry Berliner Weisse. In 2017 Paradise Now received a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival and was the second fastest growing seasonal SKU in the entire United States. Additionally, more allocated released will be available including the Light Visions Collection, a series of hazy, expressive India Pale Ales, and limited releases such as their Margarita Gose.

TrimTab Brewing recently expanded distribution across the state of Georgia. The brewery’s management expects the brewery to grow by more than 100% in 2018. To support that growth it
has hired five sales staff members, including a full-time territory manager for the state of Tennessee. TrimTab expects to expand into eastern Tennessee later this summer.

TrimTab takes its name from a Buckminster Fuller quote that identifies humanity as a source of large, positive change. A trimtab is a small rudder on the larger rudder of a ship, and it has disproportionate impacts relative to its small size. The mission of TrimTab Brewing Co. is to use craft beer as a way to spread the message that people themselves can be a trimtab, and that together we can Create A World You Love®.

Founded in 2012, TrimTab Brewing Co is based in Birmingham, AL. It employs 24 people fulltime, supports a portfolio of more than 25 beers, and operates a taproom – The Tasting Gallery – a philanthropic art gallery. It also has an overweight brewery cat named Bucky