The second annual “Heal the Music Day” will be held on October 19th with Yazoo Brewing and Outlaw Country queen/Sirius XM radio host Elizabeth Cook for The Ben Eyestone Fund at The Music Health Alliance. In conjunction with The Ben Eyestone Fund, the two have teamed up to create a special brew of “El Lagarto.”

The “El Lagarto” is an unfiltered wheat beer with spices from Everglades herbs, inspired by Elizabeth’s Central Florida home. Linus Hall, Owner of Yazoo Brewing Company, speaks on the taste of the unique beer,

“We’re really pleased, once again, on how El Lagarto turned out. It’s an easy-sipping light wheat beer, with hints of citrus and orange peel.” One-hundred percent of the revenues from the sale of the beer will be donated to the Ben Eyestone Fund at Music Health Alliance. “In addition to all the great local retailers that supported us and sold the beer last year, we’ve partnered up with Kroger to sell El Lagarto in about 30 Middle Tennessee stores. With that, we should be able to double the proceeds to The Ben Eyestone Fund at Music Health Alliance this year!”

The Ben Eyestone Fund at Music Health Alliance was started in memory of the East Nashville musician, Ben Eyestone, who celebrated his 29th birthday in 2018. Ben Eyestone was a drummer for alternative acts Margo Price, Nikki Lane, and The Lonely H’s, who had an unexpected death on July 12, 2017, due to a delayed diagnosis of advanced colon cancer through a biopsy. This was a tragic and preventable passing of a rising star. In March 2018, contributors such as Elizabeth Cook, Yazoo Brewing Company, Dierks Bentley, the Saint Thomas Foundation, the Eyestone family, and numerous vendors, musicians, and friends have kept the memory of Ben Eyestone thriving. These advocates are helping accomplish the mission of Music Health Alliance by allowing music professionals across the country to be able to afford healthcare and remove barriers to have life-saving diagnostics and treatments for music professionals.

In the short five months that The Ben Eyestone Fund has existed, it has already impacted the lives of musicians. The founder and CEO of Music Health Alliance, Tatum Hauck Allsep, has stated,

The Ben Eyestone Fun has enabled eight clients to access diagnostic testing and the follow-up treatment that has literally saved their lives.

Elizabeth Cook remembers Eyestone’s legacy by saying,

It’s awesome and healing that we have the opportunity to not only remember Ben, a very important member of our musician community, but that the money raised will without a single doubt help deter preventable losses like the one suffered when we lost Ben.

Linus Hall, owner of Yazoo Brewing Company, reflects on how important Nashville’s music company is to his own company’s success,

“Yazoo’s story would have been a short one without Nashville musicians – the ones who supported us, bought our beer, wore our gear, gave us shout-outs while on stage, and even asked for our beer in their riders. A lot of people in the music industry in Nashville can’t afford health insurance. That’s where the Music Health Alliance comes in, and we’re grateful that the proceeds from this beer will go to help people in need.”
Allsep was excited to hear about the benefit of the beer,
“No one should ever have to choose between food and medicine. Thanks to Elizabeth Cook, Yazoo Brewing Company and their continued commitment to Music Health Alliance, we are hopeful no one in the Nashville music community will ever have to make that choice again.” Elizabeth Cook added, “This is very important to me personally, as well as to so many of the folks that I work with that are my family.”
Here are the ways for you to help with this fund:
“El Lagarto” will be kegged and bottled! So purchase it from one of your local Middle Tennessee stores. If you can’t wait, join the ultimate launch party at Yazoo’s Taproom on Thursday, September 27th at 3pm! Wade Sapp, American artist, will  be frying gator tails! Elizabeth Cook will have a small acoustic set with step granddaughter of Johnny Cash and country goddess, Carlene Carter, Americana troubadour, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Sapp.

Go to Yazoo’s website for further detail to support this cause.